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Students On Track.

OnTrack Greenville is a school-based community collaboration to align and leverage community interventions and resources to keep students on track towards high school graduation and post-secondary success.

Our Mission:

To bridge the gap between communities and schools, invest in data-driven strategies, and evaluate program effectiveness to eliminate barriers and advance student success

Our Vision:

A Greenville County where every student achieves their full potential


The Need

Trapped in a cycle of poverty and limited mobility, especially for Black and Hispanic families, Greenville County students deserve more than just a graduation hat. We need a revolution – preparing every student for college and career success, not just sending them into the unknown. It's time to tackle the tangled roots of the problem: student wellness, unequal opportunities in high-poverty schools, and the lack of clear career paths. By investing in holistic well-being, early intervention, and robust support systems, we can rewrite the narrative.

OnTrack Greenville not only gets students to graduation, but launches them towards fulfilling futures, ready to contribute and reach their full potential.


Our Response

Research by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Chicago has identified an indisputable connection between middle school attendance and course grades (particularly in Math and English). These are the two greatest indicators of high school graduation and post-secondary success.

OnTrack Greenville brings schools and community partners together to change the narrative for our students, we must fight against the challenges associated with low socio-economic communities by investing in overall student well-being, providing a clear pathway of supports to an on-time graduation and increasing access to industry certification and/or college credit. Our aim is to increase the quantity of graduates, and also produce a more qualified graduate.


Our Work

Forget just catching students falling: student support is evolving towards proactive systems that prioritize empowering all students to succeed. Instead of waiting for red flags, we're building belonging, analyzing data, and tailoring support for both individual needs and school-wide trends. This data-driven, relationship-focused approach ensures every student feels valued, equipped, and ready to thrive – not just get back on track. Partnering with families and communities, we're not just helping students recover, we're building a future where every student soars.

Our model ensures that these supports are sustainable, evidence-based, and meet the needs of our students.

"I hope we can all see the urgency of students who are struggling. We don't have time to waste."

Dr. Jason McCreary

Director of Accountability and Quality Assurance

Greenville County Schools

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