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Students On Track.

OnTrack Greenville is a school-based community collaboration to align and leverage community interventions and resources to keep students on track towards high school graduation and post-secondary success.

Our Mission:

To mobilize people and resources that eliminate barriers to success for students, families, and educators.

Our Vision:

A Greenville County where all students have the tools and opportunities to achieve their full potential, graduate from high school, and become contributing members of their communities.


The Need

Greenville County faces some of the nation's highest poverty rates and lowest rates of economic mobility, especially for Black and Hispanic families. In Greenville, a child born in the bottom quintile of the income distribution has a nearly 70 percent chance of staying in the bottom two quintiles.


Further, high school dropouts are less likely to be employed and statistically earn a lower taxable income compared to high school graduates.


High school graduation is more than a milestone. It is expressly linked to economic mobility.


Our Response

Research by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Chicago has identified an indisputable connection between middle school attendance and course grades (particularly in Math and English). These are the two greatest indicators of high school graduation and post-secondary success.


OnTrack Greenville is focused on moving the needle for students at high-need, high-poverty middle and high schools in Greenville County. 


OnTrack Greenville brings schools and community partners together to get students back on track to graduation and post-secondary success, aiming to help break the cycle of poverty in their lives.


Our Work

Through the “OnTrack Process,” teams of caring faculty, staff, and community partners come together to determine the best course of action for each student.

Using a unique Early Warning Response System (EWRS), schools identify students in need of additional supports. The most telling indicators are Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance. We use customized interventions to help students get back on track.

Our model ensures that these supports are sustainable, evidence-based, and meet the needs of our students.

"I hope we can all see the urgency of students who are struggling. We don't have time to waste."

Dr. Jason McCreary

Director of Accountability and Quality Assurance

Greenville County Schools

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